Gutta Mamis

Gutta Mamis


Four novellas featuring cold-hearted women who get ahead in America's grimiest underworld

Twisted Loyalty by Kai

Tandra is a professional cleaner hired by the lords of the city's underbelly to clean crime scenes and eliminate evidence, including eyewitnesses. When her employee has a slip-up and divulges the details of a murder scene, it jeopardizes not only Tandra's life, but the lives of everyone involved.

Three the Hard Way by C. J. Hudson

After beating the rap on a murder charge when the star witness is murdered, Jasmine Turner can now go back to her job as a crook. As the leader of the Get Money Bitches, she and her crew of thuggettes do whatever it takes to get paid, but a problem arises when a member of her crew becomes involved with a mysterious woman.

The Face of Death by Brandie Davis

Death comes in many forms, but the most memorable goes by Bobbi. With numerous surgeries performed on her face, beauty is a thing of the past. Bobbi finds herself running the East Coast drug trade handed to her by her husband, but when she falls for a plastic surgeon, a street war between husband and wife ensues.

Chasers by N'Tyse

When a carefully planned lick goes awry, best friends Shinette and Tierra walk away from the scene cold-blooded murderers. Unsettled over the mess they're in, Tierra confides in her boyfriend, hoping it will somehow bring her comfort. Little does she know, it could be the biggest mistake of her life.

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Keke Harden, Anna J, N'Tyse, Kai, C J Hudson, Brandie Davis
142 x 147 x 15mm | 249g
Publication date
18 Dec 2018
Blackstone Publishing
Edition Statement
Library Edition