A Box To Think Out Of

A Box To Think Out Of


A Box To Think Out Of is the latest collection of inspirational poetry by award-winning writer Kevin Martin. "A Box To Think Out Of is a journey through my mind, my emotions, and my self as a young gay man entering my twenties, on the path of life to understanding who I am, what the world means, what love is, what happiness is, and what life truly is all about. This is a work of the ups and downs of the past, connected together with the present moment and the hope of the future. I am an individual who is poised and confident, comfortable in my own skin, and working through my mental health diagnosis of anxiety and depression. I am comprehending my place in society, in a culture that discriminates and condemns people like me who are different in our sexual orientation and different in our illnesses. My purpose as a writer is to be an inspiration, to tell my story to empower those in need and those who are going through similar situations and fighting similar battles. My goal is to change the world, to make the world a better place. It is my hope and prayer that my writing will be able to do just that. A Box To Think Out Of is an invitation to creativity, to open our minds and our understanding to new ways of thinking, new ways of viewing the world, new ways of appreciating and accepting one another, to grow out of the boxes we have placed ourselves into, to come out of them with pride. This collection of lyrics, poems, and motivational passages are written from my heart, direct from my personal journal, to you. These are some of my most deep stories and most honest sayings from the most deep and most honest places of pain. This is my artistry. Direct from my soul, to you."

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Kevin Martin
Hardback | 199 pages
129 x 198 x 12.7mm | 326.59g
Publication date
31 Oct 2017
Austin Macauley Publishers
Publication City/Country
London, United Kingdom