Good Bob Bad Bob, Two Paths to Success in Sales

Good Bob Bad Bob, Two Paths to Success in Sales


I am neither cool nor am I pretending to be. I have been very fortunate to have had so many successful people, cross my path and share with me what they have learned, while traveling along theirs. In my book, I share 24 separate concepts that I love. I discuss the three thinking styles and how we identify, which our client is. When you ask a thought provoking question, they will reveal to you their dominant thinking style, with their eyes. The three styles are: Visual, kinesthetic and digital. You care, because if you alter your presentation and words to keep your buyer in their "Comfort Zone," you will experience less resistance. The Monster salespeople, integrate "Synergy" into their business model. Make every appointment, be the springboard to an additional piece of business. Synergy brings us more and makes new business easier to acquire. Be the obvious choice and not one of the possible choices. If you want to be successful as a salesperson, stop being a salesperson. Be a business owner. Treat your business like a business. I discuss how the biggest sales folks, have adapted the principles of business ownership, into their sales model. What do successful business owners do and how does that apply, to your career. Segmentation, is the wave of the future.... and by wave of the future, I mean wave good bye to your future, if you do not integrate segmentation, into your database development strategies. I am not talking about, A, B and C's or anything like, prospect and client. Segment your clients, to have purpose for every nurturing phone call you make. When you hang up, your clients will love you. The words that we use, matter. Their impact, is deeply ingrained into our psyche. We all respond differently, to different words. The key is to identify which are the words, that our client will react warmly towards. It is important to identify their "Comfort Zone" language and use the words that they would use, if they were speaking on the same topic. We will take a quick peek inside of a Berkshire Hathaway stockholder's meeting. i will share what Warren Buffet believes, is the most important thing we need to do, to assure financial success. You might be under the impression that we deserve a monster fee or undying loyalty, from a monster account, if we have value above price. You would be wrong. The way we deserve a monster fee or undying loyalty, is if our client, REALIZES that we have value, above price. There are very specific strategies and words that we should use, to assure that out client thinks we are the best and they are lucky to have us, represent them. If they think your efforts are no big deal, then they will not be appreciative and thus not loyal. Most people have been taught, to be wary of salesmen and to always go home and think about it. It is hard for many people, to make a decision. I believe that if you care so little, about your client that you are not willing to close them, you should be fired. They need your help, to get over the edge and you need to hold up, your end of the bargain. Close them. I share with you weak of heart closers, my Mr. Mello close. The Reticular Activator, is used as a closing tool because it is real. If that is so, we need to learn to harness its power to direct our career. It is used for brainstorming techniques and business development. Efficient sales people, use big groups to be seen. It is easy and is being used, across many industries. I will share the two most important questions that we should ask ourselves. Zero Based Thinking, is a relatively new way to put our decisions on trial. Take a new look, from a new perspective. There are 3 rituals, that if implemented in your life, will assure that you keep your ship pointed the right direction and you continue to get more than your share. If you do not get several "Aha's" from my book, do not be blue. There is no shame in flippin' burgers.

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Bob Bloom
Paperback | 170 pages
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Publication date
23 Feb 2017
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