Barefoot to the Sky : Translation Work of Svitlana Kostiuk Poetry

Barefoot to the Sky : Translation Work of Svitlana Kostiuk Poetry


My dear reader! If you hold this book in your hands now, it means that your soul desires an intimate touch of another soul's infinite cosmos - the poetic and defenseless one in today's pragmatic world... This means that for you, poetry is something confessional and prayerful as it is for me and that we are close, related, and capable of flying in dreams and defying the gray daily routine and brutal reality. Therefore I sincerely invite you to my world - the world where unspeakable pain becomes white with no place for hatred and violence, where there is love in all its dimensions... "Barefoot to the sky" included some poetry from my book "The trajectory of self-immolation. Diary entries in verses" which was somehow fatalistic for me, as well as some poetry from another book of mine, not yet published, "Healing with Love." In the first book I burned myself due to the events which took place in Ukraine in 2014 (the beginning of Maidan and war in the East of my country), burned because my soul felt a lot... but could neither change nor warn about the fate of the state and my personal fate (after completion of the book I learned about my diagnose - lung cancer). Another book "Healing with Love" is the result of my struggle for light and understanding love, visualizing that not the cruelty and violence, but only love to your close ones and to the magnificent natural world shall save it (and us) from death. Our sick souls, our sick society, and ecology need the healing with love... The healing with love is essential in our daily relationship with Earth, man, cosmos, and with self after all... I am sorry for showing only a small piece of my true confession and visions in the translations... I'd love to make both of my books available in full to a reader, but this is a good start. Someone invisible dictated these poems to me and a piece of paper was near... And it's true - the sincere truth which my painful and enlightened soul wants to bring to your hearts, the soul which passed through a piercing pain and filled itself with more love. I hope that even in the translation to another language you'll feel it... WITH LOVE, Svitlana Kostiuk

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Svitlana Kostiuk, Iouri Lazirko, Oksana Mazur
Paperback | 92 pages
133 x 203 x 5mm | 104g
Publication date
08 Sep 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform